About Habitat Canada Global Village volunteer experiences

  • Habitat Global Village volunteer teams are composed of 10 to 12 volunteers and are led by one or two volunteer team leaders (experienced volunteers who are trained and supported by Habitat Canada staff).
  • Habitat Global Village experiences are typically seven to nine days.
  • Volunteers must meet the minimum age requirements depending on the region and local Habitat guidelines. There is no maximum age limit provided there are no health concerns which may impede your participation.
  • Volunteers fundraise for their participation, the majority of which is tax receiptable.

There are two types of experiences: open and closed.

  • An open build will be listed on our build opportunities page and individuals can join up with these teams who are looking for members.
  • A closed build is one that is privately organized by an individual or organization and is not posted to the website for the public. Teams can be organized if you have a group of 10 to 12 people who want to volunteer with Habitat Global Village.

If you are interested in putting together a team of volunteers from your school, business, community group or network of friends, please contact us at globalvillage@habitat.ca to find out more.

A meaningful experience

Habitat Global Village volunteers learn from and support the empowerment of local communities and families to build strength stability and self-reliance through shelter. We work where it matters most, at the heart of communities and alongside families, empowering them to significantly improve their lives.

As a volunteer, not only do you contribute your valuable time, but your financial donation also covers the costs needed to host you and supports the continued work of the local Habitat for Humanity you’re building with so that more families can access decent and affordable housing.

While you build houses or repair homes, you will deepen your understanding of housing issues affecting different communities in Canada and around the world. Habitat Global Village volunteer teams make a lasting impact that will continue long after you return home.

Your Habitat journey doesn’t have to end when you come home. You can volunteer to build locally, fundraise, lend your voice by advocating for affordable housing, and plan your next Habitat Global Village build.