A family standing in front of their Habitat home, a child holding up a keychain with their house key

More Habitat homes for more Black families

At Habitat for Humanity Canada, we know that access to homeownership transforms lives. However, homeownership in Canada is not equal. Black people in Canada have experienced systemic barriers and discrimination that has contributed to a disproportionate lack of homeownership opportunities.

Many Black people living in Canada have been unable to access the benefits that come with owning a home, including the ability to attain social and financial stability, build equity and transform futures.

We all benefit when we all have a decent place to call home.

By addressing the racial homeownership gap and providing Black families with more opportunities to build equity through homeownership, entire communities across the country will flourish and grow stronger, improving our collective prosperity. Homeownership is key to equitable and thriving communities.

That’s why we’re funding a better future for all.

In December 2020, the Government of Canada, through the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, and Habitat for Humanity Canada announced a $40 million investment in housing for Black families. The Black Families Funding Initiative will result in 200 new homeownership opportunities for Black families over the next three years. Of this $40 million investment, $20 million is from the Government and Habitat will be fundraising, locally and nationally, for a further $20 million to make this initiative a reality.

As of May 31, 2023, 115 Habitat homes have been built or are under construction with local Habitat for Humanity organizations in Alberta, Ontario, Manitoba, New Brunswick and Quebec. Across Canada, we'll be building 85 more homes for Black families in the coming years.

The Black Families Funding Initiative will allow Habitat to build more of these homes faster — allowing us to serve even more Black families. The funding for this initiative is in addition to our existing homeownership program and will not compromise our ability to continue to build homes for other eligible, non-Black families in Canada.

Partnering with others will be the key to our success.

We are eager to partner with those who can help us identify the barriers that Black people face in becoming homeowners, raise awareness for this initiative, identify eligible Black families, or contribute matching funds and other resources to ensure the initiative’s success. We want to meaningfully engage Black communities and organizations who are also committed to closing the racial homeownership gap. Together, we can ensure many more Black families advance along the path to stability and self-reliance through housing.

If you are an organization focused on closing the racial homeownership gap and would like to find out more about partnering with us on this important initiative, please contact at partnerships@habitat.ca.