Our national board of directors

Our national board of directors is currently comprised of 16 volunteers (one ex-officio) who are not only committed to our mission, that everyone deserves a decent home but are also active donors. The national board is responsible for overseeing governance and policy issues related to our work.

Seynabou Ba
Victoria Barclay
Kimberly Cook
Leland Corbett
Kathleen Flynn
David Hooper
Sharon Kuropatwa
Ken Lancaster
Paul Mason
Craig Meeds
Corinna Mitchell Beaudin
Mehdi Nezarati
Rachel O'Connor
Christine Pacini
Brad Peters
Riccardo Trecroce

Our executive leadership team

Supported by an engaged and committed national staff, the executive leadership team is made up of our president and CEO along with vice presidents that manage our operations and support local Habitats in their work.

Karen Coviello
Jennifer Hearn
Michele McMaster
Sarah Varley
Lalit Varma