International Program Jun. 01, 2017

Celebrating five years of rebuilding in Haiti

Habitat Canada was the first NGO working in Simon Pelé in Haiti after the earthquake that left 1.5 million people without shelter.

By the end of 2016, after five years working in the community, 250 homes were retrofitted and more than 3,200 residents were trained in topics such as construction, business developments, disaster risk reduction and vocational skills.

The “Investing People and Business” project, undertaken in partnership with the Government of Canada through Global Affairs Canada, aimed to strengthen the long-term economic future and social fabric of Simon Pelé.

Meet Dominique

Dominique, 28 years old, was devastated to find herself living out of a makeshift tent with her four children after the January 2010 earthquake in Haiti left her home damaged and uninhabitable. It was the only home that she had ever known. Months later, Habitat began work in her community, Simon Pelé, and supported Dominique and her family through a retrofitted home.

“Habitat did a great job in this neighbourhood. Before the repairs started, most of the homes in this area did not have support" said Dominique. "Habitat came in and retrofitted them and educated our community on the ways to build back better for the future. Habitat also held training sessions to teach our community about construction and basic household repairs. I received an actual certificate and tool kit upon completing the training series. I felt empowered as I walked away with my certificate!”