International Program Feb. 12, 2019

Building progressively in Kenya and Uganda

In sub-Saharan Africa, about 95 percent of people do not have access to the formal financing that would allow them to start building or improving a home. Because of this, most people build progressively, starting with a makeshift shelter and then gradually replacing it with more permanent materials. In partnership with The MasterCard Foundation and six local financial institutions, the Building Assets, Unlocking Access project supports these families in accessing small, short-term loans with affordable payments that can fund their incremental building process. By working with local financial service providers already serving the low-income population, this housing microfinance project allows us to extend our reach and start making a greater impact on families in need of a decent place to live. Learn more about shelter solutions for low-income families in Kenya and Uganda.

Download and read the latest report about our project with partners the Mastercard Foundation and Habitat for Humanity Terwilliger Center for Innovation in Shelter called Building the Business Case for Housing Microfinance: Sub-Saharan Africa.