Jun. 27, 2020

Habitat Canada's statement regarding Habitat Edmonton litigation

For the past several months a number of partner families have been involved in a legal dispute with Habitat Edmonton.

This has been very difficult for everyone involved. While all of our affiliates including Habitat Edmonton operate independently, we have monitored the situation closely and encouraged moving towards a resolution that is fair to everyone.

We believe that Habitat Edmonton has acted with the best intentions and respect for the partner families, but the time has come to move beyond seeking a resolution through the courts. Litigation is adversarial and time-consuming and not something we ever want to be involved in with partner families.

We are aware of Habitat Edmonton’s efforts to meet with the families, since their court application, on an individual basis. Habitat Edmonton made several earlier attempts to resolve this case outside the courts, and we welcome the families’ lawyer saying that they are now willing to engage in mediation.

Habitat Canada believes that mediation would be the best way forward for everyone involved to resolve this as quickly as possible. We support Habitat Edmonton’s efforts to engage the families in a formal mediation process on terms acceptable to both parties and its confirmation that no families currently renting Habitat homes will be asked to leave them during this process.

Our goal remains to reduce barriers to housing by providing opportunities for affordable homeownership. We are confident Habitat Edmonton will continue to work to support the families involved and come to a fair agreement.