Jan. 30, 2020

Discover international volunteer opportunities with Habitat for Humanity Canada Global Village at the 2020 Go Global Expo!

Visit the Habitat for Humanity Canada Global Village booth at the 2020 Go Global Expo at the Centre St. Jax in Montreal on February 8 or at the Toronto Reference Library in Toronto on February 9. Registration for the event is free!

The Go Global Expo is Canada’s best-attended go abroad event. Each year since 2010, the expo series has brought together dozens of organizations representing over 100 countries, and thousands of visitors eager to pursue opportunities for meaningful travel—study abroad, overseas work and international volunteering, including Habitat Canada Global Village builds.

Habitat Canada Global Village is an international volunteer program that provides opportunities for thousands of Canadians to volunteer on Habitat for Humanity projects, both at home and abroad. From the Yukon in Canada to Nepal and El Salvador, we work across the world in partnership with local Habitats to ensure we’re meeting the unique needs of each community volunteers build in. These builds provide volunteers with an opportunity to learn more about housing and poverty issues at home and abroad.

In Vietnam, teams of Habitat Canada Global Village volunteers helped build alongside families like the Trungs, during the Vietnam Big Build, located in the province of Dong Thap. The province is located along the Mekong Delta and much of the region is low-lying, leaving its population of 1.6 million vulnerable to natural disasters, including typhoons, flooding and landslides. Habitat Canada Global Village volunteers helped local families build modest homes with raised foundations that would be less susceptible to flooding and would be able to better withstand other natural disasters. The homes provide the family with four solid walls and a roof, as well as a sense of safety and stability.

To learn more about volunteer opportunities with Habitat for Humanity Canada Global Village, head to habitat.ca/globalvillage. We have volunteer opportunities on upcoming builds in Cambodia, Malawi and El Salvador that are still looking for volunteers!

To register to attend the Go Global Expo, click here.