Homeownership Feb. 16, 2022

Home is for generations to come

For Chantel, home is an intergenerational gift. An everlasting place of belonging. A gift she will pass on to her children, whom she hopes will later pass on to her grandchildren, and then her great-grandchildren after that. When Chantel got the phone call from Habitat for Humanity Manitoba, letting her know that her application was accepted, she was immediately thinking towards the future.

For many like Chantel, home will always be more than four walls and a roof over their head; it will be a place to return to. Chantel wants her children to have that option — to have somewhere to come back to. This is one of the many, many advantages ‘home’ provides.

“I’ll have a home to provide for my children when they’re ready to leave for college or university. If they want to come back, there’s that option. In the future, it’s where my grandchildren will come visit – I'll have that for them, too. That’s how far I’m thinking into it. I want that reassurance for my family and for their children,” says Chantel.

As a single mother to three children, aged 16, 12 and 10, Chantel truly does it all to support her children. Recently, she decided on a significant career change — from Early Childhood Education to Human Resource Management — to provide more for her family and is currently studying alongside her full-time job. She has an impressive work ethic and is constantly striving to create a better future for her children – this is where Habitat comes in.

Chantel first heard of Habitat for Humanity’s Homeownership Program about ten years ago. She didn’t think much of it at the time, assuming she wouldn’t qualify, and spent the next ten years renting from Manitoba Housing. But after her family started outgrowing their rental, Chantel decided to take a chance and apply. Much to her excitement, her application was successful.

The process has been moving quickly. Within weeks of partnering with Habitat Manitoba, Chantel started working towards her 500 hours of mandatory voluntary service. The entire family has been cutting grass all summer, and her children are always more than excited to help. They’re eager to participate as often as they can, because they know what’s next. They’re looking forward to having a bigger house, to finally having their own rooms, and having space for the hobbies they all enjoy.

Most of all, they’re looking forward to being together in a space that is their own.

Chantel foresees her new home being a place for growth – both for herself and her children. As she looks towards the future, she sees new opportunities within their grasp, and she can’t wait to take full advantage of the strength and stability a Habitat home provides.