International Program Apr. 23, 2020

Global Village and the impact of COVID-19

Global Village is Habitat Canada’s short-term international volunteer program, which sees thousands of volunteers build with Habitat across Canada and around the world. As a result of the impact of COVID-19, Habitat Canada has suspended its Global Village program for the duration of 2020.

As a result of COVID-19, in many communities where we serve, construction work has significantly slowed down. And with the pandemic restricting many local activities, the cancellation of Global Village builds is an additional setback for hundreds of families globally who are partnering with local Habitat for Humanity organizations to build a decent and affordable Habitat home to live in.

In Jordan, Issa, his wife and 5 children, were looking forward to Global Village volunteers working alongside them to help build their new home. The family lived for eight years in a rented substandard home with mold and dampness. They saved enough money over the years to build the foundation and columns of the house, in preparation to continue construction with the arrival of volunteers. The family had high hopes that they would finally be able to fulfill their long-lived dreams. But now they are unsure when construction can continue. Issa told us

"I am now giving up on our dream and our effort to have a home of our own is gone."

While we have temporarily suspended the Global Village builds, we continue to support home-building projects in local Habitat for Humanity organizations in partnering countries. There are still families like Issa’s in communities all around the world who need safe and decent homes. Please consider supporting our international efforts. Click on the button below to donate and help us continue our work so that families can access affordable housing.