Aug. 09, 2021

EY Ripples Program: Empowering Affordable Housing Solutions

At Habitat for Humanity, we are building the beyond: a stronger future for families and communities through affordable housing. We know that decent and stable housing provides the foundation for better long-term economic and social wellbeing, creating lasting change. It transforms futures by improving health, happiness, and prosperity. It strengthens communities by increasing cohesion and economic vitality. And it fosters resiliency and stability that transcend generations.

To help us capitalize on transformative opportunities to deliver more impact across Canada and around the world, Habitat Canada partnered with EY Canada through the EY Ripples program. EY Ripples is a significant global corporate responsibility initiative that aims to positively impact the lives of one billion people by 2030, by helping to address some of the world’s toughest challenges. Habitat Canada has embarked on a new strategic plan to significantly increase the number of people we help advance on the path to stability and self-reliance through housing, and EY Canada’s investment helps us deliver on our promise.

EY Ripples Project Sponsor Monica Chadha led a team of EY Canada consultants that began working with Habitat in late 2020. Their intensive review of our operations through stakeholder consultations and collaboration led to deep insights and recommendations that will have a sustainable impact on our organization and those we serve.

EY Canada’s credibility as a leading provider of consulting services facilitated open conversations with Habitat leaders across Canada that revealed opportunities to expand our impact. This included how we can increase the capacity, brand awareness and competitiveness of Habitat for Humanity ReStores across Canada. These social enterprise retailers ─ which accept and sell quality new and used building materials and household items ─ fund Habitat for Humanity projects across the country.

In addition, EY Canada provided insights on how best to streamline and standardize our federation operations to reduce the administrative burden on our 50 local Habitats, increase collaboration and shared services, enhance our donor and customer experience, and improve fundraising efficiency.

“Through our Ripples program, EY is committed to helping organizations realize their potential now and in the future,” said Monica Chadha, Consulting partner at EY Canada. “It was our pleasure to share our retail insights with Habitat Canada to help them in their mission to build equity through affordable housing.

“Being able to tap into EY Canada’s experience, network and intellectual horsepower through the Ripples program is a huge gift for Habitat and people living with low income who need safe and decent housing,” said Julia Deans, President and CEO of Habitat for Humanity Canada. “EY Canada’s advice will empower us to serve many more families in the future.”

As Canada emerges from the impact of a global pandemic ─ one that revealed ever-widening income gaps that disproportionally affect marginalized groups including Black, Indigenous and people of colour ─ access to safe and affordable housing has never been more important. Support from programs like EY Ripples is critical to the growth of organizations like ours, leading to lasting social change that benefits everyone.