Across the country, we are seeing the need for even higher sustainability in new developments. Energy efficient homes pass savings onto our homeowners, reducing utilities costs up to 90%.

Habitat for Humanity is constantly striving to not just build more homes for families, but to build more sustainably to ensure that our homes remain affordable for families for many years to come.

Enhancing the energy efficiency of a home adds 10-15% to building costs. Your financial support will offset these costs and ensure Habitat homes remain energy efficient and sustainable in the long-term.

Some ways we enhance the sustainability of our homes:

  • Increased air tightness
  • HVAC systems are modelled to the exact energy efficiency required for the home
  • Energy efficient U-factor rated windows
  • Energy Star appliances
  • LED lighting
  • Low flow water faucets
  • Net-zero ready
  • Solar panels
  • Geothermal heating

Here are just some of our past and ongoing projects that you can support to continue innovation, sustainability, and lowered costs for our Habitat families.

InnovHaus - Habitat Quebec

In 2020, Habitat Quebec completed an innovative project called InnovHaus in collaboration with Mechanical Engineerings students from Sherbrooke University and winning the 2020 Innovation Award from Habitat for Humanity Canada.

The goal? A house that only takes $8 per month to heat

That is 90% less than a traditional house, through strategies such as:

• Building orientation
• Insulation
• Efficient windows
• Thermal mass storage

Every detail of the house was planned with optimum energy consumption in mind.

Passive house - Habitat Heartland Ontario (Brant-Norfolk)

Embarking on a new vision to build more sustainable homes, Habitat for Humanity Heartland Ontario (Brant-Norfolk Chapter), the County of Brant, and production consultancy Makers Inc., are collaborating on an unparalleled new project to build an affordable and environmentally conscious home with the launch of The Upstart Project.

This will be Canada’s first Habitat for Humanity Passive House, single family home that will serve as an example for others all across the country to integrate Passive House design, sustainability and resiliency in affordable housing.

The true benefactors become future generations as build materials and technique are selected to reduce the carbon footprint of construction and pass on up to 90% energy savings to Habitat homeowners.