Jun. 30, 2020

Updated Habitat Canada statement on Habitat Edmonton response

For the past few months, our Habitat Edmonton affiliate has been involved in a legal dispute with some of its partner families. We are sorry for the unfortunate situation in Edmonton and, most importantly, for disappointing partner families and failing to meet their expectations.

Although all our affiliates operate independently, Habitat Canada has been working closely with Habitat Edmonton to get this dispute resolved as quickly as possible and in a way that will be fair to everyone involved. We support Habitat Edmonton’s commitment to working with the families’ lawyer on mediation or another non-court process as the most effective way to do this.

Habitat Edmonton has also committed that no families currently renting Habitat homes will be asked to leave these homes during these discussions or mediation and is communicating that to any family informed otherwise. It is also advising families who have signed a release or entered into a mortgage application process that they will have an opportunity to reconsider and to participate in the mediation if they choose to do so.

We know this was a challenging decision, but we support Karen Stone’s decision to step down as President and CEO of Habitat Edmonton, effective yesterday, as Habitat Edmonton charts a new path forward. We thank her for her dedication and contributions during her time as President and CEO and understand that Habitat Edmonton will be announcing an interim leader shortly.

We know Habitat Edmonton is committed to resolving this situation as fairly and as quickly as possible and look forward to a resolution to this situation.

Click here to read Habitat Edmonton's statement released June 30.