Gemina and Jancis arrived in Winnipeg when Jancis was five-years-old. Jancis has a hearing impairment and the journey to get her medical support has brought them from Winnipeg to Montreal and back again. Unfortunately, they found themselves back at square one when doctors said Jancis was not a suitable candidate for a cochlear implant. “This didn’t stop me. I needed to do more, try harder. I decided to get a second opinion in Montreal as I speak French and family friends there had invited us to stay with them.” Unfortunately, the second opinion was the same as the first.

After a long time spent living with relatives, Gemina found work as a healthcare aide and decided to rent a small basement apartment. Although it was a place to call home, it was in an unsafe neighbourhood, and it didn’t meet Jancis’ accessibility needs. That’s why Gemina decided to apply to Habitat Manitoba’s affordable homeownership program.

Lack of affordable housing leaves many families without safe, stable, long-term homes to call their own. They are left making do with what they can find, paying too much in rent and living in places that need major repairs. Together, we can change that.

When Gemina and Jancis received news that they were going to be homeowners, they were overjoyed! Now, they are helping to build the home they will share. Gemina will pay an affordable mortgage to buy her Habitat home. They are looking forward to accessibility features for people living with hearing impairment, like a visual alarm system, which will give Jancis greater independence.

Gemina is so grateful to the many donors, volunteers and partners that have made her dream of owning an accessible home a reality.

Habitat is the foundation of all of our dreams. Without their roots, there's no leaves, there's no fruits to bear. I am so grateful for Habitat.

- Gemina, future Habitat homeowner

Thanks to committed Habitat donors, we are already making great strides towards housing more families in Canada.

In 2021 alone, we served 212 families and built 161 new homes. The impact has been great. But there is still more work to be done.