First, Fiona slept in a shelter. Then, she slept in her laundry room.

After leaving a difficult relationship, the single mom of two daughters had only four bags of belongings to her name. Fiona moved into a family shelter with her children, working tirelessly until she could afford to rent a one-bedroom apartment.

The apartment flooded every time it rained. Her youngest daughter’s asthma flared up from the mold. Fiona didn’t know where to turn for help.

When Fiona heard an ad for Habitat for Humanity Canada on the radio, it felt like the answer she’d been waiting for. She drove her daughters to the family’s build site last Christmas Eve to see where they’d soon be fortunate enough to live.

After putting in her required 500 Habitat volunteer hours, Fiona is grateful that she and her daughters will be able to celebrate the holiday season in their home for many years to come. Learn all about how Fiona, with the help of Habitat for Humanity, was finally able to fulfill her dream to afford a safe and stable home for her family.