Where dreams grow big

Every parent wants to provide the best possible foundation in life for their children. But for families living with low income who lack safe and affordable housing, the challenges they face make this journey much more harrowing. When you’re stressed about paying rent and electricity bills or worried about whether it’s safe for your kids to play outside, it’s hard to “dream big”.

Habitat for Humanity has helped thousands of families obtain an affordable mortgage, buy a safe and decent home, and make a fresh start in life. We aren’t just building houses; we’re building places for new dreams to take root.

To an outsider, Jordan, Travis, and their sons Zion, and Salem appeared to have a home. But in reality, the family had severely outgrown their small rental house in Peachland, British Columbia and were facing several safety concerns including mold, rodents, poor insulation, extremely expensive heating, and a busy highway right outside their door. It simply wasn’t a safe place to raise children. But rents in the Okanagan region were increasingly unaffordable and buying a home seemed impossible.

Habitat for Humanity changed everything for this family. Play the video to learn how moving into their new Habitat home allowed them to start dreaming of a better future.