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Homeownership Dec. 03, 2018

How Habitat's affordable homeownership model works

In this week's podcast, Mark Rodgers (Habitat Canada's President and CEO) talks about how Habitat's model of affordable homeownership works and the impact it has on thousands of families across Canada.

“Many people believe we give away homes,” says Mark Rodgers, Habitat Canada’s President and CEO. “We do not. This is not a lottery. We have a program that is geared to help families that many not be able to get a conventional mortgage.”

Habitat homeowners purchase their home at fair-market value and pay a no down payment, interest-free affordable mortgage after successfully applying.

The goal for Habitat for Humanity in Canada is to build more homes and serve more families. Many local Habitats across the country are building not just a home, but large communities of 50, 60, and 70-unit developments.

“I want to see a day come when we’re talking about complexes and developments of 200 and 300 homes,” says Mark. “We have to be focused on the future and recognize that the need for affordable housing in this country will continue to grow.”

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