Global Village volunteers raising a wall for a future Habitat home
Home construction

Aug. 06/20 — Aug. 23/20

Yukon - Whitehorse

Volunteer on this build opportunity in the Yukon whilst giving a "hand up" to families in need

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  • Home Construction Home construction
  • Weather Warm
  • Calendar August 16 - 23
  • Language English
  • Budget ~$1,880 + air transportation

The Yukon has a population of around 40,000 people, most of whom live in Whitehorse. Indigenous people account for one-quarter of the population in the Yukon. The vacancy rate for all types of units as of April 2018 was 3.4 percent, up from 2.8 percent in October of 2017 according to the most recent report released by the Yukon Bureau of Statistics. According to the same report, if you're looking for a one-bedroom apartment, the vacancy rate drops to just 1.9 percent. Renters can expect to pay around $950 a month before utilities.

Scarcity aside, the sheer cost of what is available on the market is an impediment to housing for many families, as affordability is skewed by the high number of government workers in the territory, which makes up 41.3 percent of the entire workforce. The average worker employed by the Yukon government makes $81,000 a year. By contrast, at $11.51 an hour the Yukon has the lowest minimum wage among the territories.

Habitat for Humanity Yukon recently commenced their most ambitious construction project in their history. Over the next 2-3 years, they will build eight new, safe, decent, and affordable homes for families living in the Yukon. Construction has begun at 18 Bailey Place in the Whistle Bend subdivision. The project consists of 2 4-plexes. Each 4-plex will have 1 - 2 bedroom home, 2 - 3 bedroom homes and a 4-bedroom home.

Habitat for Humanity Yukon

Habitat for Humanity Yukon was given official affiliate status in September 2004. To-date, Habitat Yukon has completed homes at the following locations: Kodiak Place (1 unit, completed November 2006); Keewenaw Drive (2 units, completed July 2010); Wheeler Street (3 units, completed February 2011), Pintail Place (3 units, completed February 2013), Bailey Place (2 units, completed September 2014), Takhini River (3 units, completed November 2014), Eldorado Road (2 units, completed January 2016) and Iskoot crescent (2 units, completed in May 2017).

Habitat building or in-country schedule

Day 1: Sunday, August 16
Arrive in Whitehorse
Day 2: Saturday, August 17
Cultural Day (Discovery Day in the Yukon)
Day 3-6: Tuesday, August 18 - Friday, August 21
Build days
Day 7: Saturday, August 22
Final build day and farewell
Day 8: Sunday, August 23
Depart Whitehorse
(The above itinerary may be subject to changes)

Habitat individual donation

The Habitat individual donation for this 8 day opportunity to build with Habitat Yukon is approximately

$1,880 (1) + air transportation (2)

(1) The Habitat individual donation covers all costs associated with hosting volunteers on the project site as well as support to the project and programs of the local Habitat for Humanity organization: room and board, orientation materials, transportation, traveler's medical insurance, and a donation to Habitat Yukon and to Habitat for Humanity Canada Global Village programs. Habitat for Humanity Canada will issue a charitable donation tax receipt for this individual donation.

(2) Participants will need to independently arrange and pay for air transportation from their point of departure to Whitehorse and must be done in consultation with the team leader. Habitat for Humanity Canada will issue a charitable donation tax receipt for the eligible airfare.

Meet your team leader: Scott Wade

Hi! Let me start by saying thank you for your interest in supporting Habitat for Humanity Global Village.

My name is Scott and I am a Newfoundlander living in Ontario for a number of years now.

During my first career I worked in the automotive industry. I have since devoted myself to sharing my experiences and knowledge with young people as a high school teacher.

I have always enjoyed learning about, sharing with and meeting a wide variety of people.

Volunteering in Toronto when I first arrived game me all of these, and I have continued to do so in many ways ever since. Part of my volunteer experience was supporting the homeless population in downtown Toronto. Overtime, I wanted to learn more about and contribute to solutions; that is where Habitat for Humanity came into focus.

I've been fortunate enough to have been involved on a number of builds so far which has allowed me to be a part of teams that included incredible people. Furthermore, it allowed me to meet and experience communities in very unique ways. Lastly, if has allowed me to share with people in ways that I can immediately see how my efforts have a made a positive difference.

I hope you will find the same level of reward that I do.

Please feel free to contact me at if you would like to learn more about this build or apply now using our on-line application!