Home construction

Aug. 22/20 — Aug. 30/20

Romania - Berceni

Volunteer on this build opportunity in Romania whilst giving a "hand up" to families in need

Is this build opportunity for me?

  • Home Construction New home construction
  • Weather Warm
  • Calendar August 22 - 30
  • Language Hungarian
  • Budget $1,926 + air transportation + ~$200*

Habitat for Humanity Romania has three main programs: HAB (Healthy and Accessible Buildings), DRRR (Disaster Risk Reduction and Response) and advocacy, which aims to influence policy through improved housing solutions that positively impacts communities and socio-economic sectors nationwide.

Habitat for Humanity Romania has 88,500 beneficiaries, built or renovated more than 2,000 homes, and constructed 600 new homes under the following program areas: new home construction, renovation/rehabilitation, technical assistance and support, disaster response and prevention, energy efficiency and financial education training, and community projects.

Habitat for Humanity Romania

Habitat for Humanity Romania started in 1996 in a small town situated in the north-west part of the country. Now, Habitat Romania has projects in several part of the country, and is the biggest Romanian NGO focused on eliminating poverty and providing safe, decent, and affordable housing as a basic human right.

The housing situation in Romania is one of the most difficult in the European Union.

  • 5.5 million people are in need of home renovations.
  • Over 58% of the population is living in overcrowded conditions, compared to an EU average of 17.8%.
  • 42.5% of the population is living in houses without a bath and toilet with running water.

Habitat Building or in-country schedule

Day 1: Saturday, August 22
Arrive and overnight in Bucharest
Day 2: Sunday, August 23
Cultural day and welcome orientation
Day 3-6: Monday, August 24 - Thursday, August 27
Build days
Day 7: Friday, August 28
Final build day and farewell
Day 8: Saturday, August 29
Non-build day activities
Day 9: Sunday, August 30
Depart for Canada
(The above itinerary may be subject to changes)

Project Description - why we build?

Most residents of Berceni live off agriculture and livestock, which are the main economic activities in the area. Because these activities generate a low income, most families are unable to access loans to buy, build, or improve their housing. Most young families are forced to live with their parents in cramped and overcrowded spaces. The lack of intimacy leads to conflicts between family members, which can have particularly negative consequences on children and their emotional development.

Habitat Individual Donation

The Habitat individual donation for this 9 day opportunity to build with Habitat Romania is approximately

$1,926 (1) + air transportation (2) + $200* non build day activities (3)

(There are additional costs such as passport, visa and immunizations which the team leader will discuss with you. These costs are not tax receipted)

(1) The Habitat individual donation covers all costs associated with hosting volunteers on the project site as well as support to the project and programs of the local Habitat for Humanity organization: room and board, ground transportation to and from the build site, orientation materials, transportation, traveler's medical insurance, and a donation to Habitat Romania and to Habitat for Humanity Canada Global Village programs. Habitat for Humanity Canada will issue a charitable donation tax receipt for this individual donation.

(2) Participants will need to independently arrange and pay for air transportation from their point of departure to Bucharest and must be done in consultation with the team leader. Habitat for Humanity Canada will issue a charitable donation tax receipt for the eligible airfare.

(3) The costs of any debrief activities will be determined by the team leader, not eligible for a tax receipt and are not paid to Habitat for Humanity Canada.

*Costs for non-build days are approximate, and subject to change.

Team leaders: George and Jean Clarke

Jean is a semi-retired Registered Nurse who has led or participated in Global Village builds to Zambia, Guatemala, Jordan, Ghana, El Salvador, Malaysia, Nepal, Madagascar, Cambodia, Paraguay, Poland, Portugal, Sri Lanka and in August 2020 builds to Romania and Kenya. George is a former Global Village Host Coordinator for Habitat for Humanity based in Amman, Jordan from 2009-2010 and has participated in all of the trips with Jean plus a couple of extras. George has been retired from Hyrdo One for 10 years and spends most weeks volunteering for a number of local and international groups. Together, they have visited over 35 countries and six continents.

Romania is a new location for George and Jean who look forward to new challenges, techniques and of course people with whom they can work side-by-side with including team members, local staff, tradespeople and families.

This experience will surely be one that benefits all. No previous construction skill or experience is required.

Please feel free to contact George and Jean at gwaclarke@gmail.com if you would like to learn more about this trip or apply now using our on-line application.