Health and wellness

We understand how difficult it can be to participate in long virtual sessions. Zoom Fatigue is real and many studies have been conducted on how to avoid virtual burnout. We have researched many of these studies, and taken great strides to offer participants a balanced virtual conference in order to keep your attention, spark your interest, and participation.

  • The conference has been scheduled over a two day period, with each day consisting of three hours of scheduled content, and an additional hour of optional attendance on Thursday.
  • Keynote presentations are forty-five minutes each, with audience engagement built in.
  • Bio breaks, as well as health and wellness breaks have been scheduled into each day’s agenda.
  • We have reduced on-line stimuli! Research shows that when you’re on video, you tend to spend the most time gazing at your own face. Taking this into consideration all livestream main stage presentations will allow for presenter-focused video only! Don’t worry, you will still have time to see others during the workshops, the teambuilding activity, the National Awards Celebration and the Annual General Meeting.
  • Let’s get social! Because we as human beings are social by nature, we have an amazing teambuilding event built into the conference to offer this necessary need.
  • Networking keeps us happy and healthy, and is always a highlight of our “in-person” conferences. In order to bring some of that interaction, we did our research and found a virtual platform that allows delegates to interact with each other through various platform features.