Tips on virtual attendance

It is important to prepare for your participation. Presented below are ways to get ready to be a good virtual delegate.

Prepare in advance:

  • Ensure you have your login information readily available before the conference start date. Plan to take some time before the conference begins to log-in, and ensure you can get onto the virtual event platform without any issues.
  • Use a headset so as not to disturb those outside the meeting which may be around you.
  • Remove distractions from the area where you will be attending the conference, if possible.
  • Turn off email, text, or phone that may interfere with focus while attending. Consider putting your OOO on.
  • Dress as if attending conference “in-person”, as webcams will be turned on for the workshops, the teambuilding activity, the National Awards Celebration and the Annual General Meeting (if you so choose).
  • Put up a sign stating “in a meeting” to prevent people from interrupting.
  • Consider a hard-wired connection to avoid wireless interruptions. If you are joining from home, try to limit the internet usage in your home during conference hours. Ask the kids to turn off the video games!
  • Have a drink and snacks on hand so you don’t have to leave your screen to head to the kitchen. Breaks are built into the schedule as well, so you will have time for bio and stretch breaks.


  • During the workshops, the teambuilding activity, the National Awards Celebration and the Annual General Meeting webcams will be turned on (if you choose), please remember to “mute” when not talking to prevent noises from interfering with the session.
  • Improve your lighting. Participating with your webcam on from a dimly lit room makes it difficult for other participants to see you. Backlighting can be especially problematic. So try to use natural light from the front or side when possible, even a desk lamp in front of you works!
  • State your name, and affiliate before speaking so everyone knows who is talking. Consider adding your affiliate name to your on-line display name during your face-to face sessions, and don’t forget your pronouns!
  • Consider others and allow them time to finish talking before replying or asking a question.
  • Just remember, even though you can’t shake hands you can still network.
  • Make sure to get involved! As with everything, you get out what you put in.